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Stayed in my aunties apartment and she was THERE.
We ran out trying on really ugly expensive stuff immediately, and it was hilarious.

Also, I missed out for a while I guess on the whole fitting room assistant being personal revolution, where they call you by name and it's really weird.
We all almost got run over by a guy who flew his bike onto the curb and was like, "YOU LADIES GOING ON THE PUB CRAWL TONIGHT??" And my mom was like, "PFFTWHATNO."

Also, it was really really windy from every direction, and I brought skirts really only.
Then Ala Moana, where my sister got her prom dress for dirt cheap in comparison to every prom dress and non prom dress there was in the mall, and she had it in a garment bag, and the shoe salesman at Aldo screamed out of pure joy. He was way more excited than Katie.

IT WAS WINDY ON NORTHSHORE. We went to Matsumotos and some tourist guy standing with his family gave my auntie some serious stink eye for saying "Oh my god that lady in there had some serious FRONT BUTT" and then she laughed sooo hard at him. But he was a real douche. They accidentally gave him instead of a plain shave ice, snowcap with icecream AND azuki beans, and he was like "WHAT" and the guy making them was like 'no no man its awesome youll love it' and he was like "NO THIS ISNT WHAT I WANTED" so he had to throw it away and make another one with a line of like thirty people too.
After some terrible stores, my auntie was like, "OKAY lets meet Steve.", her boyfriend whos like "Yeah I went on a surf trip here in 1984, ran out of money, and never left." So we went sailing. On the North Shore. Holy mother of god. It wasn't bad weather. It was just stupid. I pretty much nearly slid off the boat about two to three times because we were a bit sideways. Then he was like, "DUDE LETS CHASE THOSE WHALES." So we did. And then my auntie and him were freaking out about how beautiful the sunset was and I thought it was pretty uninteresting.
Then we went to a mexican place and I ate Carne Asada infront of him. And he's a vegan. He says it's for health reasons, but I think it was on accident since he figured he was from only eating pretzels bananas and cliff bars.

Then we went to stay at his place and it was like, super nighttime when we did, so when we got up, it was like, "WHOA THE BEACH IS RIGHT THERE." And there were all the nice intimidating neighbors standing around with their nice intimidating pit bulls. And everybody had beautiful bikes to match their beautiful bike paths and hill-less roads. And then there was a bakery like three hundred yard up and across the street. So we went there, and everybody was giving like half their food to the birds. Then we went to Waimea Bay, and I was like, "Oh my god I haven't been here since I was like five." But this was the first time i'd gone swimming there since last time the waves were super huge- I had sat and caught some fish with my bare hands that I took on the plane with me in a cup of water.
So that was nice and I got only a little bit pink.
And then we drove back to Waikiki and walked around shops and stuff, and I saw some hobo lady sitting on the grass next to a bench talking and making hand motions like any normal person would to who their talking to, but you know she was alone. Yaaayy. She probably ate some toxic food and got some fever that messed with her brain.

THEN TODAY we went to this Goodwill store and it was massive. I got the most horrific salmon colored jumpsuit ever. It's got crazy shoulderpads and beads and jewels and pleats everywhere. AND NOW IM HOME. YAAAY.

I was drawing up a storm and I made a whole bunch of stuff I was proud of,

But here's what I saw first in my folder to drag out to show you, so. Also too lazy to resize.






I HAVE A DEVIANT ART. You should go there. :U


Well, it was pretty much time to get a livejournal.

And I'm enjoying it.

Not quite as much as

But it is starting to try to get there.